mandag den 20. august 2012

My newest hobby, 3D printing!

Back in December 2011 I backed a project at
The Printrbot 3D printer.
It arrived in June 2012..a loooong time waiting since order :D.. but since I used it a lot, and will hopefully soon begin to write some more on my blog about the hack's I've done to it :)

For now.. here's an apple !

torsdag den 29. marts 2012

A new girl in town

Hi again, just a short update..
As mentioned earlier, the other robot Wilma is kinda old.. So I ended up buying a new used bot, and she's called Betty :)

tirsdag den 20. marts 2012

Roomba arrived

soo, Roomba arrived last week as planed.. it was a bit older than expected, and the battery was totally dead.
I wanted to see if the rest of the robot even worked, so something had to be done :)

I luckily had an old laptop battery laying around, that I could use for this :D
And it gave me 1 hours of fun playing around with the bot

Now I'm just waiting for the new battery to arrive...
And I need to make some small ramps for all the doorsteps in our apartment :)

mandag den 12. marts 2012

My next project.. intelligent Roomba brain!

So this Thursday, I'll get my self a Roomba Discovery SE (model 4220)

It's a little old but it was cheap, and the suction part haven't changed that much on the newer versions.
The battery properly needs some work, as its the original one..
And then I have plans on making a new controller/brain for the robot, with some self mapping program, so every corner will be cleaned, and not just in the chaotic way Roomba does it !

So there will properly come up a guide, on replacing the batteries with some cheap cell's bought on eBay,
And a guide or work log on my Roomba brain surgery

lørdag den 10. marts 2012

What a surprise... 3200 hits in one day due to Hackaday, nice job!

onsdag den 7. marts 2012

My android based radio!

So I had this idea about combining a cheap FM radio with my old HTC Hero mobile, so I could have a wifi radio for our kitchen, not to mention all the other things a android based device can do :)

I started with this:

Denver FM radio (~10 USD)


Then I took it apart to locate the amplifier an see if I could isolate that, and throw away the FM part..

To the right is power supply and amplifier, on the left is the FM circuit board

after this I took my beloved Dremmel multitool , and made hole for the android phones screen/digitizer, and glued it in place... I'm missing some internal pictures of my Radio hack.. but heres some external pictures and videos:

See "Android kitchen radio" on YouTube

Build time was 8 hours, but still not my final product, but its functional all-ready :)