onsdag den 7. marts 2012

My android based radio!

So I had this idea about combining a cheap FM radio with my old HTC Hero mobile, so I could have a wifi radio for our kitchen, not to mention all the other things a android based device can do :)

I started with this:

Denver FM radio (~10 USD)


Then I took it apart to locate the amplifier an see if I could isolate that, and throw away the FM part..

To the right is power supply and amplifier, on the left is the FM circuit board

after this I took my beloved Dremmel multitool , and made hole for the android phones screen/digitizer, and glued it in place... I'm missing some internal pictures of my Radio hack.. but heres some external pictures and videos:

See "Android kitchen radio" on YouTube

Build time was 8 hours, but still not my final product, but its functional all-ready :)

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